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Founded by individuals having long and proven experiences in the industries, supported by qualified Consultants and Associate Consultants, LebSolution will benefit the industries with proven pragmatic approaches of solution.

Associate Consultant Profiles

Whenever necessary, we are flexible in adjusting our capability and capacity based on client needs, with the committed supports from our proven industry experienced senior associate consultants.


Narwoko, ST, MPM

Senior HSE Engineer
Senior HSE Management Specialist
Senior Environmental and Oil Spill Management Specialist

He is a Senior HSE Specialist, HSE Management, Environmental and Oil Spill Management Specialist in LebSolution with over 18 years of experience, previously worked for ARCO, BP, Premier Oil and AWE as Project Engineer, Environmental Team Leader, Safety Team Leader and HSE Manager in AWE. He was graduated from Sepuluh November Institute of Technology, Surabaya , majoring in Electrical Engineering and currently is pursuing master degree in Occupational Health and Safety, University of Indonesia.

He is a well-experienced facilitator/ consultant/trainer in various HSE, Risk Management and Environmental studies and trainings (HAZID / HAZOP / Incident Investigation / AK3 Umum / AK3 Migas / Waste Management / HSE Management, etc) for Oil&Gas, Construction and Manufacture industries (Conoco Phillips, Pertamina, Pelindo, Leighton, etc).

  • Certified Competent SMK3 Auditor from BNSP (Professional Certification Authority).
  • Certified Master Project Manager from AAPM (American Academy of Project Management).
  • Certified IMO Level 1 from OSRL (Oil Spill Response Limited) Singapore.
  • Trainer for BNSP Certification (Indonesian Professional Certification Authority).

Ir. Sutrisno, M.Si

Senior Condition Monitoring Specialist
Maintenance Specialist

He is a Senior Maintenance Specialist with over 20 years related working experiences. Previously worked for ConocoPhillips as Maintenance Specialist and Gulf Oil Ltd as Sr.Condition Monitoring Engineer, Asamera Oil Ltd as Vibration Engineer and Vibration, Sound Services in Singapore as Vibration Support Manager. He was graduated from Jaya Baya University majoring in Mechanical Engineering and graduated from STIA Jakarta majoring in Master of Bussiness.

He is take up the responsibilities of a condition monitoring specialist ,consultant in various mechanical condition monitoring training (Vibration, Lube Oil, Machinery Alignment, In-Situ Balancing, Bearings Analysis) Comprehensive Rotating Equipment Troubleshooting related to vibration problem for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Industries, Pertamina, Patragas, Star Energy various Power Plant in Sumatra. He can make effective use of his mechanical knowledge in a highly and efficient manner, this highly skilled specialist offers maturity experience and commitment in field.

  • Certified Competent Infrared Thermograph Specialist Level I, by Infra Institute.
  • Certified Competent Vibration Specialist Level II, by Mobius Institute.
  • Machinery Vibration Analyst Level II, by Vibration Institute.
  • Certified Competent Vibration Specialist Level I, by Vibration Institute.
  • Advance Vibration Analyst, Migas Institution, Indonesia.
  • Machinery Vibration Analyst Level I, by Vibration Institute

Hendra Messa, Ir.

HSE Engineer
HSE Management Specialist
Behaviour Base Safety Specialist
Contractor Safety Management System
Project Safety Management

Senior HSE Engineer, HSE Management, Behaviour Base Safety, Contractor Safety and Project Safety Management Specialist with over 20 years of experience in various industry & bussines, previously worked for Alstom/Areva Indonesia, Star Energy Geothermal and latest was in Borouge Petrochemical, Adnoc group Abu Dhabi, UAE. He was graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, majoring in Industrial Engineering & Management. As Safety profesional on various industry since, industrial management consulting, power business, geothermal energy and petrochemical he have a broadview vision of safety principle & practice

He is a well-experienced facilitator/consultant/trainer/auditor in various HSE matters of Assesment, Audit, studies and trainings (Incident Investigation / Behaviour Base safety/ Contractor Safety Management/Project Safety Management, safety audit, Radiation Safety etc) for Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Geothermal energy, Construction and Manufacture industries.

  • Incident Investigation , Top Set method (Kelvin top-set, Scotland)
  • Incident Commander System (ADNOC Abu Dhabi, Certified)
  • Internal Auditor Lead for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SMK3 (Neville Clark, Indonesia)
  • Behaviour Base Safety, STOP Method (Du Pont Safety Resource Indonesia)
  • Ahli Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (Department Tenaga kerja RI/ Sucofindo)
  • Radiation Safety Protection Officer (Ecoman, Abu Dhabi, UAE, trainer of ASTN member)

Ade Surya Febsandry, ST

Designated Person Ashore (DPA)
Company Security Officer (CSO)
HSE Marine Specialist
Marine Project Management

He is a Marine HSE Specialist, Marine Specialist in LebSolution with over 15 years of experience, previously worked for PT. Wintermar, as Operation staff, DPA and CSO, and got his excellent award from PT Wintermar in 2003-2004, as a HSE Engineer on board Pipe Laying Barge SEMAC 1 of Shakalin Phase II in Rusian, Trans Thailand Malaysia Pipe line PTT in Thailand, China and Singapore during maintenance Barge for SAIPEM, PT. Ekanuri Group as a QHSES Manager, PT. Global Niaga Bersama as a QHSES Manager, PT. Pelayaran Gema Tirta Sarana as a QHSES Manager, PT. Energy Logistic as a Operation, Technical and QHSES Manager in developing Small LNG Transporter, and PT. Patra Drilling Contractor as a Head of HSE. He was graduated from Hasanuddin University, Makassar , majoring in Naval Architecture.

He is a well-experienced facilitator/ consultant/trainer in various Marine Operation, Marine Maintenance, Marine Project development , HSE and Risk Management studies and trainings (HAZID / HAZOP / Incident Investigation HSE Management, etc) for Oil&Gas in marine industry, (Kangean Energy, Patra Drilling Contractor, Ekanuri, Bayu Maritim Berkah, etc).

  • Certified Designated Person Ashore (Auditor) from BKI (Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia).
  • Certified Company Security Officer from ABS (American Bureau Shipping Consultant).
  • Certified Junior AK3 from BNSP LSPTT.
  • Certified HLO from PAVIA Italy.


Associate Consultant Profiles for Business & Management will be added soon.