Created on September 26, 2017

Maybe, you are too busy. Don’t worry, I get it. Actually, you have to maintain and manage your day-to-day operations within the plant. One thing is, we all know that we are sometimes overwhelmed in doing our works.

I have visited to some places, where the job is: I have to portrait on how the PSM framework is performed nicely across company business process. Sometime, the challenge is, when we are so focused in solving so many problems in plant, thus, sometime the “improvement for PSM performance” becomes “latent” or we could sometime become “temporary blind” to that improvement opportunities.

If someone said to you that good PSM performance will save your company reputation, increase business options, high quality products, and will absolutely save your money (reducing production loss, maintenance cost, capital budget, and insurance cost), would you still say that you are too busy to improve your PSM performance, my friend?

Let’s talk about this in more intense environment, we could talk through your current operations, and let’s find the improvement plan together. I am interested in your PSM system healthiness anyway 🙂


Beny Destiawan, ST, SFS

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