Created on December 25, 2021

This NOT is a reiteration of the one published in Jun-2012.

In my 25+ years of professional experiences, I have seen many types of personal behavior that makes the colors or characteristics in the way the person purse his/her better state and performance.

Along the way, I have seen many persons who have done a lot of best efforts to be a better person in a good positive way. I think, they deserve the “better” condition they achieved.

While at the same time, unfortunately, many others (hopefully not the majority) are trying to reach their dream in becoming better person with divine virtue and delivering better performance but achieving that in a way that is contradictory with the virtue they believe. I think, they don’t deserve the “better” condition they achieved.

From the 25+ years of observation, in working and interacting experiences with a lot of people from various background of culture, religion, nations, and other uniquities, I have concluded my thought in a “conceptual principle” that I think we as professional have to acquire to justify ourselves as a real “professional” and “ethical” individual.

I called the conceptual principle as “BPBA” which stands for “Be Positively Better Attitude”, by which our attitude will drive us to be a better person in positive manner/positive way.

I would describe “BPBA” as:

An attitude to sustain and even improve our professionalism, resilience, and competitiveness in all area of life, through by the following 4 strategies:

  1. Being a stronger person, by increasing your strength, instead of weakening other
  2. Being a higher person, by increasing your level, instead of pushing down other
  3. Being a smarter person, by increasing your knowledge, instead of fooling other
  4. Being a prime person, by increasing your performance, instead of downgrading other

Bringing the BPBA principle in the context of process safety, we can say the following:

“Being a safer operation, by increasing your integrity in implementing PSM, instead of hiding the risk or pretending that you don’t know that the risk exists”.

Hope this will inspire our enthusiasm in being a better person in delivering safer operation, starting from now, from today.

See you in another Note of Today.

Thanks and best regards

Ir. Lukmanul Hakim, IPM



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