Cooperative Advantage

Created on February 4, 2016

In the world of today, where information has no limit of space and time, where competency and qualification is a universal right for anybody anywhere, building and delivering values using “COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE” is no longer the sustainable ways of achieving success.

It is now the era of “COOPERATIVE ADVANTAGE”.
It is now the time to share our strength with others to help each other.
It is now the time to offer help to others so they can help us.
Thus both achieving success at the same time.

Based on that ‘COOPERATIVE ADVANTAGE” principle, LebSolution Indonesia and GEXCON AS (of Norway) have exchanged mutual understandings and interests to share their strength in enhancing industrial and process safety performance in the South East Asia region, especially in Indonesia.

That interest has been started with relax and good friendly discussion between Mr. Lukmanul Hakim (LebSolution President Director), Mr. Teguh Cahyono (GEXCON Indonesia General Manager), and Mr. Sturle H. Pederson (GEXCON AS Chief Executive Officer/President) in Intercontinental Mid Plaza Jakarta, on the bright morning on Wednesday 3-Feb-2016.

GEXCON is the company who developed one of the world best consequence modeling tools, considered as latest technology in its field, called FLACS, for Dispersion, Explosion, and Fire. If you want to visualize how your “top risk” in the plant looks like without letting it happen, thus empowering efficient and effective risk reduction and mitigation, then FLACS can help you.

LebSolution will cooperate with GEXCON to provide you with “process safety related training & risk study and assessment” with excellent visualization. Manage your risk in the plant, as exciting as playing the game in your computer… all for safer work place for us.

Want to hear more, we will be happy to present our collaboration in your office.

Have a nice week-end to all my friends.


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