Created on October 2, 2022

Many organizations have defined its “VISION” in pursuing the success in whatever they want to achieve in their life-cycle. This includes the organization that involves “Major Hazard Facilities” (MHF) in its operations.

Though many of them, have just treated their VISION as just a “DREAM” in its literally meaning. The vision is just stated beautifully, framed nicely, and located in many strategic visible location. But they forget to build and enforce the foundation in realizing their vision.

For any organization involving MHF in their operations, “Process Safety” is one of the most important foundation in realizing its vision. Process Safety will bring SAFE, RELIABLE, PROFITABLE, and SUSTAINABLE operations, which are the common characteristics of any MHF vision statement. To achieve that, Process Safety Management (PSM) and the right culture to implement it, must be built, enforced, and maintained by the management team.

Management team of MHF, is accountable to ensure that the VISION is not only a jargon without real implementation on the ground. They should live the vision in daily operations and should deliver continuous demonstration of commitment in process safety, especially when it conflicts with “Production”.

Having said the above, this is how we define the meaning of “VISION“.
VISION is a dream that is well planned, risk assessed, and followed through.

Hope it inspires all management team of MHF. For sure, it is applicable for other type of organizations.

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