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The DONGGI GAS facility will produce sweetened natural gas (about 60 MMSCFD), condensate, and solid sulphur. It is located in Central Sulawesi, and together with MATINDOK GAS facility will deliver the feed natural gas to DONGGI-SENORO LNG plant located in same region.

Commitment to deliver a “safe and reliable” plant was strongly shown by both the main contractor and client of DONGGI GAS project, Pertamina EP and Rekayasa Industri, in the continuous 26 days in a row of HAZOP and SIL Study, starting from preparation, workshop, and reporting.

LebSolution have been the facilitator for both safety studies: HAZOP and SIL Selection studies. The study workshops were carried out in Jakarta (Ritz Carlton, Santika Bintaro, REKIND Office) and Bogor (Padjadjaran Suites), from 3-Jun until 30-Jun 2014. The study workshops were attended not only by the Pertamina EP and REKIND personnel, but also by the process licensor experts (Shell and Cameron).

Those activities, have made June 2014 as a full pack month for LebSolution, making it a tiring but exciting one.

A good observation made during these safety studies is that all parties involved were committed to good quality studies. I can say that it was not a “thick the box” HAZOP and SIL studies. They were not done just for the sake of project formality but for the sake of safe and reliable plant. And LebSolution is proud to be part of that process. Thanks to both team from Pertamina EP and REKIND who have trusted LebSolution to deliver this studies.

Beside the serious matter discussed during the study workshop, there is a unique situation happened because the workshops were done in the Presidential Election Campaign session in Indonesia. So, every time picture/photograph was taken, then everyone always showed by their fingers the candidate numbers of their choice. Hehehe…

In one of light dinner occasion we have after the workshop in Pasar Modern Bintaro, there was a time where the 4 of us joinning that dinner were actually chemical engineers coming from the same institute with 4 different entry years: 1985, 1991, 1998, 2012. We call it “The Night of 4 Generations”. ha ha ha

It was a great experience, tiring month, yet still enjoyable moments…

See you all in another story for another study for another project…

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Lukmanul Hakim

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