Created on May 8, 2014

“We consider audit a tool for continuous improvement. It is NOT for cosmetic. And We mean it !!!”. That is the strong positive spirit shown by KEI management & workforce in following up its Japanese owner audit finding.

KEI has taken small audit finding as a milestone to initiate a major upgrade of its Marine Operations & Safety Procedures. Safety is NOT only applicable for the “visible” onshore operations, but it has to be proven effective in “less visible” offshore operations.

It is a big step, long journey, and now already close to the end. It is a proof of strong commitment in delivering SHE commitment within the organization. This is a display of right direction in delivering safety… move the paradigm “FROM COMPLIANCE TO COMMITMENT”.

LebSolution has been trusted to provide consultancy & facilitation services to this KEI Marine Operation & Safety Procedure Upgrade program. Final review workshop participated by all relevant stakeholders conducted on 21-25 April 2014 in Bandung, Indonesia. Facilitated by qualified and competent consultant team from LebSolution (Ade Surya Febsandry, Jalaluddin Madjinuhu, Lukmanul Hakim, Hamam Sahroni, Beny Destiawan, and Ram Rowther), the workshop has efficiently and effectively achieved its objective.

All participants are engaged and enthusiastically involved, resulted in a very positive professional discussions and well written upgraded procedures. Congratulations to all KEI stakeholders for this big and successful efforts. You have positively taken into account a quote by Trevor Kletz: “IF YOU THINK SAFETY IS EXPENSIVE, THEN TRY TO HAVE AN INCIDENT”.

By the way, our human bodies act just like chemical plants, where a lot of “dangerous” things will be “harmful” if it is not released properly when the pressure has gone up significantly. With that arguments, there is always times to relax and release the stress from the workshop … some of them are by going out together for dinner … first was in “Dago Panyawangan” Sundanese restaurant and the second was in “Karnivor” steak restaurant. We have released the “dangerous stress level” properly…but at the same time increased our “weight and cholesterol level” significantly … ha ha ha…. But those are great moments, thanks to all coming.






Have a nice, safe, and profitable marine operations.

Best Regards,
Lukmanul Hakim

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