Created on June 16, 2016

Process Modelling is one method engineer usually choose to understand, analyze, and predict process behavior. Engineers introduce a complex calculation into a model so that it can represent the actual behavior. Based on this model then engineers try to develop the plant to operate at optimum condition.

However, in making a good and representative model, we need to pay attention to our data and assumption. If we do making mistake in defining assumptions or collecting data, it will be resulting wrong output, wrong prediction, and further it may resulting in an undesired event.

Hopefully this safety buzz could become reminder especially for us, process/process safety engineers.

Comment from LH:

The worst consequence is when the “Garbage Out” is finding its way to get constructed, commissioned, and operated, leading to an undesired event of process safety incident.

There it comes the importance of Technical Peer Review, HAZID / HAZOP and Other more detail safety studies, Pre-Startup Safety Review, and finally competent operators. When conducted properly, they will block the way of mistakes/errors from getting to the undesired consequence.

I personally believe that “A good process engineer, is a process safety engineer at the same time”.

Ir. Ainun Margiansyah Putri
Process Safety Engineer

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