Created on May 26, 2016

In this morning discussion with my friend Ainun Margiansyah Putri, I got to thinking about “Inhently Safer Design Principle”. However, this principle is important to know since we want to make the plant just like at our home – to be a safer place.

Alright pal, if we look up the book of “Process Plants – A Handbook for Inherently Safer Design” written by Travor Kletz & Paul Amyotte, it provides us some safety and loss prevention ideas in similar simple drawings in the hope that the ideas expressed may stick in people’s memories better than when these concepts have been expressed in words.

Basically, this method has been announced by Edward de Bono in his Atlas Management Thinking, as he puts it “that simple pictures can be more powerful than words for conveying ideas”.

Comment from LH:
It is an excellent innovative and creative interpretation of Inherently Safer Design principle. Good combination of Technical and Phsycological aspects. Well done Beny Destiawan… keep learning, keep reading, keep writing, keep doing, and keep achieving your better state as process safety expert

Comment from DI:
In simple, by providing inherent safer design principle, this mean that we just remove a consequence that might be occur.


Beny Desiatwan
Process Safety Engineer

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