Created on December 31, 2022

Year 2022 is an AMAZING year for LebSolution Indonesia ! Challenging projects, new people, and exciting moments were all over the year. And on this last post of 2022, let me summarize all our milestone of 2022 and thanks all of our clients, stakeholders, partners, and teams for the amazing year !

LebSolution was blessed to be granted multiple MAJOR PROJECTS in 2022 :

1. FOREL FPSO Detail Eng. Process Safety Study Provision is undoubtedly our biggest project in 2022. Consisting of 18 technical safety studies, it was the most challenging project to be completed in mid-2023. We are still striving to complete the project on time and on quality!

2.  PT PJB Safety Critical Element Project is the most challenging project in term of delivery time. The project which consists of Awareness Training, HAZOP Study , SIL/LOPA Study, Bow-Tie and SCE Identification study has to be completed within 75 calendar days. Thanks to great coordination, all the deliverable has been completed ahead of the deadline !

3. Process Safety Engineering Blanket Contract with MEDCO EP 2021-2023 is also one of the most resource-extensive project to be fulfilled by LebSolution. HAZOP Revalidation of BLOCK A, PSSR Workshop, various HAZOP, BOWTIE, SCE workshop, Plant Manning Adequacy Assessment, have been delivered to MEDCO EP in 2022

4. HAZOP Revalidation Workshop and SIL/LOPA Workshop of CPP Matindok and Donggi also had been delivered for Pertamina EP Reg 4 Zona 13 as a means to improve the safety of facilities of Pertamina EP Reg 4 Zona 13.

LebSolution was also grateful for amazing COLLABORATION with our partners in process safety studies in 2022 namely :

1. Gexcon Indonesia, in delivering Pre-Start Up Safety Review (PSSR) for JTB (Jambaran Tiung Biru) field, a highly prestigious projects of Pertamina EP Cepu in 2022

2. SynergenOG Indonesia, in delivering HAZOP, HAZID, and SIL workshop for DHT (Diesel Hydrotreating Unit) Project of Pertamina Refinery in Kasim, Dumai, and Cilacap

LebSolution was also successful in delivering high quality TRAINING PACKAGES for various clients namely :

1. Process Safety Management (PSM) Training and Audit for PT Kaltim Parna Industri
2. Process Safety Management and Engineering Training for EcoOils Group Indonesia and Malaysia
3. PSM Auditing Training for PT Donggi-Senoro LNG
4. Online Training for Pre-Start Up Safety Review (PSSR) for MEDCO E&P Onshore and PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy Ulubelu

Some people left LebSolution, many more also come to join LebSolution, but the spirit of LebSolution “VISIONING NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE IN PROCESS SAFETY” is still growing strong in all of LebSolution team ! We hope for the best and look forward for what new challenges 2023 will bring us !

Visioning National Independence in Process Safety !!!

Serpong, 31 December 2022
Ir. Lukmanul Hakim IPM
President Director

Ono Taryono, ST, CFSP
Operation & Technical Director

PT Lebah Solusi Indonesia

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