OUR LOGO: Now Registered & Legally Protected

Created on May 18, 2017

The process started with initial submission and registration done on 11 July 2013. Many correspondences followed that initial milestone afterwards. Several stages have to be passed in the formal process in the government office of intellectual property rights (HAKI), such as: Submission, Initial Registration, Substantive Examination I, Substantive Examination II, Publication, Formal Registration, and finally Certificate Issuance.

Alhamdulillah, we have passed successfully all the above processes, properly without any short-cut. It is a long wait, need abundance of patience, and for sure have taken and tested our endurance physically and also mentally. It is also a test of our integrity in doing proper processes. Yesterday, 18-May-2017 we have received the certificates in our office, as can be shown in the attached pictures.

In this occasion, we would like to thanks the HAKI office and also the Law Firm office “Jakarta Patent Bureau (JPB)” who have helped us going through all of the above processes, in a professional and integrity manner. They have shown a very high quality and responsive services and are very transparent. Thanks for that.

Talking about our trade-mark, “LebSolution”, have triggered curiosity from some of our clients and other stakeholders regarding “what is the philosophy behind the trade-mark and its logo?”. Thus I think it is good to share it here.

The trade-mark “LebSolution” comes from two words, “Leb” and “Solution”. The word Leb is meant to be the short version of “Lebah” which is the formal name of the company (PT Lebah Solusi Indonesia). The word Solution is meant to be our commitment in delivering solution and benefit for all stakeholders.

The word “Lebah” is Indonesian word for “Bee”. We have chosen that name/word as we’re inspired by an explanation related with the characteristic of bee in the Quran, that the bee is only taking good foods from the good places and what comes out from it benefits the human being. By using the trade-mark “LebSolution” we have stated our commitment that we will only doing good businesses, by delivering solution in only good ways and professional manners, for the goodness and benefit of all stakeholders. From that, comes also our motto “Your Partner, … By Being Your Solution”.

The logo is a combination between the trade-mark “LebSolution” and the picture of 3-hexagons. The “3” indicates the 3 founders of LebSolution, while the hexagons represents the “bee-hive” (sarang-lebah). But it is not an ordinary bee-hive. LebSolution bee-hive is an extra-ordinary bee-hive. It is a “Golden Bee-Hive” showing our commitment in growing the firm into a world class company, and in making the company as a good home for all of its stakeholders.

The logo, written in italic Arial Black fonts with 3 golden hexagons, with 3 combination of contrast colors (Black, Dark Orange, and Golden), represents our strength, firm commitment, and high quality in delivering our values: Honest, Fair, Integrity, Cooperation, Responsive, Expertise, and Added value.

Now, that we have the trade mark and logo formally registered and legally protected, we will continue our journey in extracting the meaning and the value from it as explained above. And for achieving that, for sure we will need the help from and cooperation with others, including you !!! Will you?


Ir. Lukmanul Hakim, IPM


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