“PEMEX”, The Legacy of Your Name

Created on April 21, 2016

As a subscriber to HYDROCARBON PROCESSING Online Magazine published by Gulf Publishing, I regularly received the newsletter from “The Editors”, almost in daily basis. It helps me well in keeping myself updated with any development in the Oil&Gas and petrochemical industries.

Related with my area of expertise, I put more emphasize in checking news related with Process Safety aspect in plant design and operation, particularly when there is news about process safety incident, off course with the intent to take the learning out of it

Today, I was again received the newsletter, and the headline is about a process safety incident occurred yesterday at Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX; which is the Mexico National Oil Company) petrochemical plant, leading to 13 people death and around 60 injured.  http://www.hydrocarbonprocessing.com/Article/3547407/Latest-News/Three-dead-dozens-injured-in-explosion-at-Pemex-petrochemical-complex.html.

The news really shocked me, not because the incident being reported this time, but because the name of the company where this incident occurred, PEMEX, again?. I heard about several process safety incidents in not too long time ago, involving fire/explosions and multiple fatalities occurred in the same company, PEMEX. I actually have thought about it when hearing the last incident before the latest one, but I did not care too much after reading the news. But not now.

Now, I became curios about how many process safety incidents occurred in PEMEX in the last 5-6 years, and how many people killed and/or injured in those incidents. So, I made a quick literature survey the internet, mainly from the HYDROCARBON PROCESSING Online Magazine website (http://www.hydrocarbonprocessing.com/). The keyword used is “PEMEX”. The search result related with incident occurred in PEMEX is summarized in the attached figure with this post.

Put your eyes on the summary figure on the bottom of the table. Within the last 6 years there are about 13 process safety incidents, with total 134 people killed and 166 people injured. It means 22.3 killed per year and 28 injured per year. It means 2 killed per month and 2 injured per month.

I really don’t have any information about what has caused that numbers … but it help me to understand why every time I hear the name PEMEX, my thought directly link it to “Fire, Explosions, Fatality, Injury, and so on”. The legacy of that name in my mind is “The place to study about Process Safety Management when it is not implemented properly”.

Do you want to work in a company, or buy the share stocks of a company, with such a legacy embedded with its name? Think about it, and let’s do our best to avoid such things happens in our plants.





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