PHA (HAZOP & HAZID) Training for Medco E&P Onshore

Created on July 26, 2021

Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries usually deal with hazardous materials (explosive, flammable, toxic, etc.) and also hazardous energies (high pressure, high temperature, high speed, high voltage, etc.). These hazardous material/ energies must be contained properly to ensure safe opoeration of the plant. Thus, installation of new facilities, modification to existing processing facilities, as well as major maintenance works on processing facilities, may expose new safety risks to the employee, public, environment, and the facility itself.

To manage those risks, series of Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) or reviews are usually conducted, with the target to reduce the risk to acceptable level. Two of the analysis methodologies that are used in almost every project is “Hazard and Operability” Study, or usually called HAZOP Study and “Hazard Identification” Study, or called HAZID Study.

Medco E&P Indonesia is one of the Operator of Oil & Gas field in Indonesia. Coming together with its operation, is the significant process safety risks that must be managed properly to ensure safe, profitable, and sustainable benefit to all related stakeholders. Therefore, a good understanding and skill on PHA (HAZOP and HAZID) Study methodology for relevant MEPI employees is important to ensure a safe, compliant, profitable, and sustained operations of the plants.

Alhamdulillah, LebSolution has been challenged, selected, and trusted to facilitate delivery of the three batches PHA (HAZOP & HAZID) Training & Internal Certification for Medco E&P Onshore, which were conducted Online (due to Covid-19 pandemi constraint). The three sessions were attended by 84 participants from several subsidiary companies under Medco E&P Onshore (Block-A, SSB, Rimau, Lematang, Bangkanai, and Tarakan).

Training participants have given very positive comments about the overall training implementations. Around 81% of participant “Strongly Agree” and “Agree” towards the positive indicators in given in the feedback form. The training increases their capability in using the Bowtie methodology. The facilitators (Lukmanul Hakim, Adam M. Musthafa, and Beny Destiawan) presentation was very good and knowledgeable so the training atmosphere was lively and interactive. The group activities also very interesting and attractive through online training session.

Medco Onshore PHA Training - Selected Pict

On behalf of LebSolution management and workforce, I would like to convey our gratitute to all people in Medco E&P Onshore and its subsidiary companies for their trust and support for LebSolution in delivering this important milestones in delivering PHA (Hazop & Hazid) Training & Internal Certification Program.

Thanks and best regards,

Lukmanul Hakim

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