Created on January 13, 2021

Alhamdulillah, happy to accept and have accomplished invitation to be the speaker in PSM Webinar for PT Pembangkitan Jawa-Bali (PT PJB), in the virtual opening ceremony of PJB program on “Hari K3 National (National Workplace Safey Day)”.

The event took place today morning, 13-Jan-2021, opened formally by the Direktur Teknik & Lingkungan Ketenagalistrikan of Minister Office of Natural Resources (Kementrian ESDM), Executive VP HSSE PLN Persero, and President Director of PT PJB. The full house attendance and active participation from those high level management in this event, has demonstrated their focus and drive in ensuring safety in all PJB operating area.

The title of my presentation is “Process Safety Perspective in Leadership Frameworks”, which describe the characteristics required from the leaders. The characteristics condensed into the following pillars:

  • Commit to Values
  • Value Expertise
  • Energize People
  • Act Decisively
  • Deliver Results

The webinar discussed more detail breakdown of each characteristic from process safety perspective, including some real-life example of what will happen (process safety incidents) when those characteristics are not acquired by the leaders.


Let’s talk, and please share your experience.

Thanks and best regards,

Lukmanul Hakim


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20210113 - LebSolution - PSM Webinar for PJB HK3N-02 REV 1

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20210113 - LebSolution - PSM Webinar for PJB HK3N-04

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