PJB PSM: System Development & Baseline Audit 2019-2020

Created on December 26, 2021

Another milestone in the Indonesian “Process Safety” implementation was crafted in 2019 when PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB), one of the largest state-owned electrical power plant and transmission companies under PLN (Indonesian National Electrical Power Company), has confirmed their commitment in establishing its Process Safety Management (PSM) system and starting the implementation.

Aligned with PJB Core Values and HSE Policy, management of PJB has decided to start formalizing its Process Safety Management (PSM) system to ensure systematic, effective and efficient PSM implementation thus enhancing process safety performance in all PJB Operation areas.

Most probably, PT PJB is the first PLN power plant company formally implementing PSM !!!.

Congratulation to PJB management and workforce for having such a real commitment in “Generating Energy Safely”. Implementing PSM in PJB is a great achievement and milestone in delivering safe energy for the nation, by which PJB has setup a new benchmark in Indonesian power plant operation.

It is with honor for me to say, that LebSolution has been challenged, selected (among several potential national and international consulting firms) and finally trusted, in collaborating with PJB PSM task force in this important program led by Pak Dimas Hamka. The 2019-2020 program comprised of enhancing awareness about Process Safety (PSM Training), developing PSM System Manual, and finally conducting the PSM Self-Audit in selected power plants.

Phase-1: Kick-Off Meeting dan PSM Training

Following the program kick-off meeting in Sep-2019, the first program, PSM Training, was delivered on 22-23 October 2019, opened by PT PJB Operation Director and Head of Engineering (showing their commitment and strong drive in PSM), and participated by Operation, Maintenance, HSE, and Engineering representatives from PJB main office and also generation units.

Participant showed full and active participation, and also enthusiasm from the beginning until the end of sessions. Overall satisfaction of every participants are very good. Towards the positive indicators, the PJB PSM training participants are 85% Strongly Agree & Agree.

On behalf of LebSolution, I would like to convey our gratitute to all people in PT PJB organization for their trust and support for LebSolution in delivering this important project.

Documentary photo/video of the training session has been shared in previous posting on `23-Oct-2019 (PJB PSM: Commitment to Generate Energy Safely – Part 1: PSM Training).

Phase-2: PSM System Development (Policy, Framework, Manual, KPI Procedure, & Initial KPI Set)

Now that the PJB PSM task force and site representatives from several power generation plants have obtained the PSM training, the team were ready to contribute effectively and efficiently in the development of the PSM system.

When Workforces Are Engaged

One of the elements in Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) framework developed by Centre for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) is ‘Workforce Involvement”. Similar element is also available in OSHA PSM Standard, called “Employee Participation”. The above element has the objective to ensure all relevant workforces are involved and engaged in the implementation of the Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements within the organization, ensuring that the risk management activities are effective in reducing process safety risk.

Why the above mentioned element is important? Because, at the end, “It is not the PSM System Manual nor the Management Team that is implementing the PSM requirement and/or facing the real risk at site. Instead, it is the “Workforces” who are doing the real works in implementing the PSM requirements and facing the real risk at site”.

The best time to engage the workforce in PSM implementation is right from the beginning when the PSM system is developed, where the relevant workforces’ representatives are involved in the development of the PSM system. By this approach, they will nurture their awareness and commitment towards process safety, and enhanced their sense of ownership towards the resulted PSM System at the end of the development stage. This is therefore creating positive energy and long-lasting motivation to deliver quality PSM implementation within the workforces as they believe that “it is my own system, and I am the one who developed it”.

The above approach has been made as standard approach in LebSolution delivery whenever LebSolution is trusted to facilitate development and implementation of PSM system for a major hazards industry/facility, including this one for PT PJB.

Following the endorsement of the PJB PSM Frameworks in Nov-2019, the proposed detail draft PSM Manual has been developed and subjected to detail review and challenge sessions in a 3 days workshop conducted on in January 2020 and attended by PJB PSM Task Force and all relevant PJB employees from each power generation units facilitated by LebSolution consultant team.

The full-house workshop attendance of PSM Task Force and site reps has proven PJB site leader and workforce enthusiasm in PSM, resembling and echoing the strong commitment from the PJB Leadership team.

Constructive debate, questions and answers have filled up the workshop session. Enthusiasm in PSM is evident through active participation of all participants, such a way that not only the targeted manual and procedure were reviewed but also aspiration of process safety KPI are also prepared which is an additional target. You can see the enthusiast faces in the below pictures.

PJB PSM Manual: The Commitment Documented !!!

Some motivator often says the following sentences to motivate others in realizing their dream to become someone who is excellent in their field of expertise, “You Read You Forget, You Write You Remember, and You Do You Master”.

Using the same philosophy, most of the world standards and/or best practices in the aspect of Quality Management System requires the organization to “Write” the way they do activities within their organization to deliver their commitment for consistent and reliable quality of product and services. This finally ends up with the requirement to have “system manual or procedures” to ensure consistent process implementation. In short… Make the process in delivering your commitment “documented”!

The same principle applies in Major Hazards Industry’s commitment in ensuring consistent delivery of safety towards people/ community, environment, and asset resulted from the impact of their operation. The world class company within Major Hazards Industry (O&G, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power Plants, etc) are “documenting” their process in ensuring excellent process safety performance by developing their “Process Safety Management” system manual/procedures.

One of the above world class company is PT PJB who has successfully developed their PSM system manual, facilitated by the expert consultant from LebSolution. Following the endorsement of the frameworks (Nov-2019), the detail review workshop of the manual/procedures (Jan-2019), the final approved PJB PSM System Manual has been delivered in February 2020. PJB is committed to excellent process safety performance, and their commitment has been documented. PJB PSM: The Commitment Documented!

Looking at the committed and enthusiast leadership team, enforced by proactive and engaged workforces in the development stage, we are convinced that the implementation of PSM system will be smooth and process safety performance in PJB will be exponentially improved. Aamiin YRA.

Phase-3: PSM Implementation and Baseline Audit

PSM Manual: Shouldn’t Be A Book on Its Shelve

Many of process safety incidents happened in plants operated by major hazard facilities (petrochemical, Oil & Gas, power plants, etc) where a very well written and socialized PSM system is existing. The fact that a company has already got a very well written and socialized PSM system, does not mean that there will be no defects in their plants. A system/ procedure/ manual will only be effective when it is available, understood, and implemented.

PSM System is also a system run by HUMAN. Human action or response is determined by his/her “behavior”. Therefore, human behavior is very important to ensure good implementations of Process Safety Management elements. In the context of PSM, human behaviors from the leadership team plays a significant role.  Correct leadership behaviors towards PSM will define behavior of the workforces. Though, the workforce has to do their best to stand still their correct behavior towards PSM regardless how leadership team behaves.

Remember our commitment to maintain and prioritize safety in our operations as stated in our HSE Policy. By that policy, we are all empowered to say “NO” or “STOP” for something that may lead to unsafe situation. Everyone has both the “responsibility” and “authority” to stop any unsafe works and unsafe conditions.

In the meeting with PJB Operation Director and his direct reports in Nov-2019, the PJB leadership has emphasized the important of management commitment in ensuring effective implementation of PJB PSM System. It is the management team that has the maximum impact in driving the quality implementation of the PSM system, by creating the right culture and attitude in the organization.

PJB Operation Director to all PJB leadership team is the following: “All leadership team to own the system. They have to emphasize and demonstrate their commitment in PSM. The newly developed PSM Manual should not be a book on its shelve, instead it should be understood and implemented driven by leadership team”. And the formal implementation of PJB PSM system is started by an internal PSM Audit facilitated by LebSolution expert consultant team. A world class collaboration, by world class institutions, delivering world class services, for world class company.

PJB PSM Audit: Improvement Wheel is Rolling

Compliance audit (or other verification activities), whether it is a baseline audit or regular periodic follow-up audit, is the enabler to achieve the highest conformance criteria in system performance evaluation which is “Systematic & In Control”.

When success stories and best practices in an organization is delivered in a “systematic and in-control” manner, then their excellent performance will be “self-sustained”. Therefore, one important aspect of a good management system is that it has to be “Self-Sustainable”.

The “self-sustainability” of a Process Safety Management (PSM) system is delivered through one of the PSM Element which is “Audit and Performance Review”. The Centre of Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) have highlighted the following importance of PSM audit:

  1. PSM Audit can reduce the process safety risk
  2. PSM Audit is domestic and international regulatory requirement
  3. PSM Audit can determine the gap between existing EHS related policies, practices, and procedures; and the desired implementation of a PSM program
  4. PSM Audit enable avoidance of repetitive incidents by resolving systemic issues in PSM implementation
  5. PSM Audit can monitor the continuous improvement

The above importance of PSM Audit has been very well acknowledged, understood, and acted upon by management team and workforces of PT PJB.

Therefore, following the successful development of its formal PSM System Feb-2020, driven by a highly committed management team, run by engaged and enthusiast workforces at both office and site, PJB has successfully conducted its PSM Baseline Audit throughout 2020 for 4 selected power generations plants (PLTU Batubara UBJOM Indramayu, PLTU Gas UP Muara Karang, PLTU Batubara UP Paiton 1&2, and PLTU Batubara UBJOM Paiton 9). Again, the PSM audit is facilitated by LebSolution as independent auditor team.

Full house participation and contribution by PJB management team and workforce in both desktop audit and field audit exercises, have made the audit effective and efficient. Having said that, we are convinced that PJB will obtain the above mentioned PSM Audit benefit highlighted by CCPS.

Final presentation of the PJB PSM Audit results have been successfully conducted on 10-Nov-2020, made in two batches to accommodate the enthusiast PJB management and workforce team in understanding where they are in PSM performance.  The PSM audit has started the rolling of PSM improvement wheel in PJB operation, thus enhanced process safety performance is inevitable, and making PJB as safer place to work.

Congratulation to PJB management and workforces for having such a great motivation for implementing a quality PSM system. A real proof of PJB vision, mission, value and policies. Now, that both management and workforce team are engaged since the beginning, it is inevitable that they will own and implement the PSM system to the best of their capabilities.

In this opportunity, on behalf of LebSolution management and staff, I would like to thank PT PJB Management, PSM Task Force, and Worforce team at all sites for trusting and supporting LebSolution in delivering this very important program in a very strategic company like PJB. We are looking forward to working together again in the near future.

Have a nice enjoyable holiday season in this year end of 2021, and all the best for all of you throughout next year 2022 and the years after.

See you in another Note of Today.

Thanks and best regards

Ir. Lukmanul Hakim, IPM



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