Pocess Safety & Asset Integrity Management System (PSAIMS)

Created on February 14, 2023

Thanks to the Management Team and Perwira & Pertiwi of PT Pertamina Hulu Indonesia (Pertamina Sub-Holding Upstrean Regional 3) for trusting LebSolution to contribute as source person for the webinar in their Program Hari K3 Nasional, conducted today Tuesday, 14-Feb-2023.

The session was attended by around 550-600 participants from all PHI area (SHU Reg.3).

The topic is “Achieving Safe, Reliable, Profitable, & Sustainable Operation by Pertamina Process Safety & Asset Integrity Management System (PSAIMS)”, delivered by Ir. Lukmanul Hakim, IPM from LebSolution Indonesia.

Key Messages:
1. Process Safety is equally important with Personal Safety. Both aspects are mandatory to be well managed within our organization. Though potential worst case consequence of Process Safety is far more hazardous compared to Personal Safety, thus need more robust & systematic attention and focus.
2. Organization has to have “Balanced safety perspective”, not only on “visible occupational safety” aspect, but also on “process safety aspect” by systematically look for defects/latent conditions to be fixed. Process Safety Management (PSM) system helps us in this aspect.
3. Elements in Pertamina PSAIM System is “Protection Barriers” against Major Accident Hazards. All Perwira & Pertiwi of Pertamina, need to familiarize them selves with PSAIM requirements and map their role in delivering those requirements.
4. Time time to focus on Process Safety is “NOW”.

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