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Typically, an Oil & Gas or petrochemical project is delivered through the following 7 main stages: Access, Appraise, Select, Define, Execute, Operate, and Decommission. Due to the nature of petrochemical and Oil & Gas industries, installation of new or modified processing facilities as well as major maintenance works on processing facilities, may expose new health, safety, and environmental risks to the employee, public, and environment.

To manage those risks, series of process hazards studies or safety reviews are usually conducted at each stages of the projects, thus commonly Project Safety Reviews (PSR), with the target to reduce the risk to an acceptable level as prompt as possible in the project lifecycles.

Among the PSR in all the stages, one of the review is Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR). The term pre-startup safety review (PSSR), in its simplest definition, means a final check prior to initiating the use of process equipment. It is considered the most critical one as it is the final check before the hazardous material is introduced into the facilities.

PSSR is a formal review to verify that critical areas of the affected process have been assessed and addressed prior to using the process (commissioning, introducing process fluid or introducing energy). PSSR also provides an opportunity for turnover ownership from engineering and/or project organization to operations personnel.

Whenever I have discussion with colleagues from Oil & Gas company in Indonesia, and MEDCO name is mentioned, usually this is their comment: “Oh Medco E&P, yes, it is the best national private Oil & Gas company in Indonesia”. So, when we can contribute services to that company, that is something we can be proud of, which is the case for LebSolution as described below.

As part of PSM implementation in MEDCO E&P which considered as the best national private Oil & Gas company in Indonesia, LebSolution has been again trusted to deliver a 2 days PSSR training and workshop dedicated for Medco E&P employees (Jakarta & Plant Site). It is intended to provide better understanding about importance of PSSR, provide basic knowledge about organizing and carrying out the PSSR, gain experience of doing PSSR, and also, this becomes the right momentum towards proper PSSR implementation in Medco E&P.

The session was made on 17-18 Jan-2018, in Financial Club Hotel Jakarta, attended by 26 enthusiast participants from relevant disciplines within the company. The participant showed full, active, and enthusiasm from the beginning until the end of sessions. The discussion ran effectively, involving all of the participants.

Overall satisfaction of every participants is very good, represented by their agreement towards positive indicators provided in the training evaluation form, where 94.8% of participants are “Strongly Agree” and “Agree”.

Thanks for all management team and workforce of Medco E&P for their trust to and opportunity given to LebSolution. For sure, we’re waiting for next opportunities to provide services to Indonesian national best private Oil & Gas company.

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