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Created on July 20, 2015

Following previous similar success programs, LebSolution has been trusted again to deliver Process Safety Management roll out program for one of multinational Oil&Gas company operating in Indonesia. Now is the turn for Premier Oil Indonesia, which is one of the biggest asset belong to Premier Oil based in UK.

The program has been delivered to both levels, leadership (VP, GM, and Senior Managers) and workforce (Superintendents, Supervisors, Technicians/Operators), conducted in 2014 and 2015, and is still going on. The leadrership team has shown a strong commitment in delivering quality PSM implementation, and the workforce has shown their seriousness in implementing good PSM practices

LebSolution has once again proven the effectiveness of “HAZARD GAME®” which is LebSolution proprietary game, aimed to help the players in understanding process safety elements and its management. The other way to take learning from this game is by asking the question “Do you want to save life just by playing the dices?” You can answer by yourself.

Additional to standard PSM program, in this occasion, LebSolution facilitated discussion on Loss of Primary Containment (LOPC), and has introduced another unique tool, called BeeLOC® which is a LebSolution proprietary tool, aimed to help the users in calculating the amount of hazardous material released from its intended containment system. The released materials can be either liquid or gas, and either flammable / combustible or toxic. BeeLOC® can be used for classifying the “Tier” level of a process safety incident involving a release of hazardous material, based on the industry recommended practice such as API RP-754, OGP Report-456, etc. BeeLOC® is now used by Premier Oil Indonesia as one of tool for LOPC reporting.

PSM driven by “committed leaders”, implemented by “serious workforces”, and backed up by fit for purpose and “effective tool”. It is a premium delivery for Premier Oil.

On behalf of LebSolution management and staff, I would like to thanks and appreciate the trust, the support, and opportunity given by Premier Oil Indonesia.

See you all in another delivery.

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