Process and Process Safety Talk Webinar Corrosion Under Insulation “Awakening of The Unseen Monster”

Created on July 21, 2022

LebSolution Indonesia has successfully held Process and Process Safety Talk Webinar July edition, with topic : Corrosion Under Insulation “ Awakening of the Unseen Monster”. Performed via Online Zoom meeting on 15 July 2022, the event has successfully attended by 135 participant from all industries. Making it one of the most participated webinar ever been held by LebSolution.

Two highly competent guest speakers were invited in the meeting, Mr Triadhi Tiggor and Ms Farih Mitraningsih. Both are senior corrosion engineers from PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam, and very experienced in  handling Corrosion Under Insulation issues. While Mr Ono Taryono and Mr Teguh Diyanto act as host speaker and moderator from LebSolution.

The webinar was started by initiating Safety Moment “ Chevron Richmond Refinery”, a major fire incident at Chevron Richmond Refinery on August 6th 2012. The incident started as minor leak, escalated into major fire due to the fact that the piping was already heavily corroded from Corrosion Under Insulation.

The Webinar then continued by explanation from our guest speakers. Mr Tiggor explained about basic corrosion mechanism, CUI mechanism, and methods of detection. While Ms Farih highlighted real study case of CUI at riser on offshore platform and related to OPEX/CAPEX consideration for installing insulation. Other real case was also highlighted related to CUI at fuel gas system due to fire water deluge.

The last topic was brought by Mr Ono Taryono, related to Rationalization of Pipe Insulation and Fire Proofing. Rationalization of Insulation was a systematic workflow to assess the requirement of insulation versus the risk of Corrosion Under Insulation. By using this workflow, engineers can carefully assess whether the insulation is really required, in comparison with the hazards brought from Corrosion Under Insulation potential.

Question and answer session was highly anticipated by all participants. More than 10 participants contributed some questions, which unfortunately cannot be answered during the webinar limited period. One lucky participant, Mr Mochammad Fahrein received SAFETY FAQ book as doorprize.

Hopefully the event gave some insight to all participants about Corrosion Under Insulation, thus improving the process safety in their working location. See you again in the next Process and Process Safety Talk next month !

All presentation slides can be downloaded here :

Records of the presentation can be seen here : 

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