Created on September 23, 2016

Imagine a Process Plant is like a human.

PSM is the habits you do every day to be healthy. You know the habit that you have to eat healthy food, exercise daily, and get enough sleep. That is like PSM industrial standard. You have to develop the standard, develop the procedure, and train your people.

But maybe you’re not healthy now. You see in the mirror, that you’re overweight, you can’t do a push-up, and there is a bag below your eyes. This is PSM self-assessment. You check if you’ve got the right policy, check if there are procedures in place, and check if your people actually comply with those procedures.

You decide to live healthily. You set the mindset to develop those healthy habits. This is Management Commitment. Once you commit to process safety, you decide to develop all those requirements.

Just before you start, you create the plan. Should you train for cardio or strength-training first? How can I cut my sugar and cholesterol? How many calories should I eat per day? This is planning for PSM. What training do my people need? Which procedures I currently don’t have? How many resources should I put for PSM? Just like you can consult to the doctor, you can consult with a PSM expert.

You now go to a fitness center and hire a personal trainer. He will develop your training plan, coach and assist you during the training, and give you recommendation where to improve. Just like you go to a PSM expert. He’ll help you develop your PSM roadmap, coach and assist you on risk management activities, and give you recommendation where to improve.

After you do those habits for a while, you go to the medical check-up center. You check your fat level, sugar level, and other health indicators. This is like PSM audit. You check your compliance against PSM standard.

We’re at LebSolution is like an integrated healthcare center. We can guide you to develop your PSM roadmap, provide expertise on risk management, and check your compliance against proven industrial standard. Visit our website for more information.


Best Regards,

Ir. Erick Saul, CFSP
Sr. Process & Process Safety Engineer

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