Created on June 13, 2020

If we think that process safety incidents will not happen in our plant, you would be better to think it again and again. See the attached picture, showing that the process safety incident has:

  • Happened in all continents, in all cultural backgrounds,
  • Happened in both upstream and downstream industry,
  • Happened in both onshore and offshore operations, and
  • Happened in both small and big companies

It is clear that the process safety incidents are not the function of either our ethnic background, our industry sector, location of our facilities, or the size of our company.

The key and determining factor is whether our facilities deal with “hazardous materials and/or energies” which can be released in an uncontrolled manner if the process safety elements are not managed properly.

Therefore, before assuming that process safety incidents will not happen in our plants, first of all, we need to answer whether our plant is classified as Major Hazards Facilities.

If the answer is YES, then we have to ensure that we have the commitment and compliance towards implementation of Process Safety Management system by ensuring that we play our role in responsible, competent, and professional manner, thus avoiding those process safety incidents from happening in our plants.

By the way, do you know how to classify whether our plant is Major Hazard Facility of not? Appreciate if you can please share your view.

Thanks and best regards,

Lukmanul Hakim

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