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Though we’re just about 4.5 years old, LebSolution has been trusted to deliver in-house training program, facilitation support, and consultancy services for national and multinational companies, in the subject of Process Safety Management (PSM). We’ve delivered around 80 projects in total, for around 25 clients companies.

For PSM Training only, we’ve delivered around 50-60 batches for several companies with average participants of 25 persons/batch. That means total number of participants that have received LebSolution PSM training is around +1,300 persons, who are professionals in petrochemicals and oil/gas industries in the regions.

What makes us proud is the fact that all those sessions were concluded with very positive feedbacks from not only the training participants but also from the company’s program coordinator and management team. Satisfaction level from the participant given at the end of the session is typically around 85%-90% from maximum of 100%.

With the above success stories, and motivated by several request from potential participants, LebSolution is now launching a 2 days public training program for the subject of “PROCESS SAFETY MANAGEMENT (PSM)”.

This 2-days well-established, proven and integrated course provides important understanding, knowledges & skills about PSM standards, regulations, implementations, and continuous improvement to the participants. It provides all essential elements of PSM and their typical implementation, lessons learned, and enriched with interactive group works to enhance learning experience.


This LebSolution first public training on PSM, will be held in CILEGON area, in August-2016.


I was told that when the Cilegon was inaugurated as petrochemical industrial area (around 1990s), there were more than 100 hundred big and small petrochemical companies operating in the area. That’s why this LebSolution first PSM Public training is to be conducted in Cilegon.

For me and the other 2 founders of LebSolution, it will be a “COMING BACK” event. The 3 founders of LebSolution, including myself, were starting their professional career in petrochemical plant in CILEGON area, in the years of 1990-2004. We will meet a lot of old friends there….

More detail information about the program is presented in attached brochure including registration form to take-up your seat. We’re inviting your participations and/or your team participations in this program.







Download PSM-Training-Brochure-CLG-AUG-2016


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