Proof of Commitment to Process Safety – Another Real HAZOP-HAZID for Temporary MoC

Created on June 1, 2019

What is so special about conducting a “real” HAZOP and HAZID for a temporary MoC? You will find the answer in our Note of Today (NOT) dated 21-July-2017 and titled “Real HAZOP-HAZID for Temporary MoC?”, where a high-level commitment in this aspect has been demonstrated by SAKA Indonesia Pangkah Ltd (SIPL) when they’re installing a Temporary Very Low Pressure (VLP) Compressors in their Offshore Oil & Gas production facilities in Pangkah Block. Click this click this link to go to that NOT:

What is so special about “TRUST” when it has been created? You will find the answer in our Note of Today (NOT) dated 19-Dec-2017 and titled “When Trust is Created”, where LebSolution has won the trust from SIPL to contribute in their Process Safety program. Click this click this link to go to that NOT:

What is so special about this Note of Today? The answer is that it is a combination of the above two mentioned Note of Today, where SIPL has again proven its commitment in conducting a real HAZOP and HAZID for installing a temporary Gas Lift Compressor to increase its potential gas production and at the same time trusted LebSolution to facilitate the HAZOP/HAZID studies. This is a proof of commitment, and at the same time a proof of quality works.

Even though it was again a temporary MoC, SIPL still have the commitment to implement a real HAZOP and HAZID (independently facilitated) to manage all the risk related with the change.

The study workshop was done on 16-17 November 2018, at Grandhika Hotel Jakarta. It was opened by Pak Budi Setyawan (SIPL Operation Manager). The event itself was very well and professionally managed by mbak Yosephine and team from SIPL HSE team.

The workshop was attended by all stakeholders of the projects, consisted of representatives from all related disciplines within SIPL Indonesia (Operations, Engineering, HSE, Maintenance, etc) as the client company, up to discipline representatives (Operation, Well-Test, Technical, HSE, etc) from service companies (ELNUSA), including Pak Fikri Minabari (ELNUSA Director). Total participants of the workshop was 31 persons. All participants have contributed positively in the discussion. The session has run efficiently and effectively.

It is again a prove of one of principles in hazard analysis or risk assessment process, that to have a good analysis/assessment, the study has to be attended by parties with at least having the two mandatory experties: 1) One who has experties in the process/activities being assessed, in this case, reps from SIPL and ELNUSA, and 2) another one who has knowledge, skill, and capability in facilitating the assessment methodology, in this case, reps from LebSolution. It was a perfect combination resulting a very good HAZOP/HAZID study results.

A very big thanks to SIPL and ELNUSA who have given another chance to LebSolution to prove our capability and to contribute to your important program. Looking forward to another exciting opportunity from all of you.


20181117 - SIPL TEMP GLC HAZOP-HAZID-02 20181117 - SIPL TEMP GLC HAZOP-HAZID-03 20181117 - SIPL TEMP GLC HAZOP-HAZID-04 20181117 - SIPL TEMP GLC HAZOP-HAZID-05 20181117 - SIPL TEMP GLC HAZOP-HAZID-06 20181117 - SIPL TEMP GLC HAZOP-HAZID-07 20181117 - SIPL TEMP GLC HAZOP-HAZID-08 20181117 - SIPL TEMP GLC HAZOP-HAZID-09 20181117 - SIPL TEMP GLC HAZOP-HAZID-10 20181117 - SIPL TEMP GLC HAZOP-HAZID-11 20181117 - SIPL TEMP GLC HAZOP-HAZID-12See you all friend in another “Note of Today” in the near future.

Thank and wassalam,

Lukmanul Hakim



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