PSM Manual: Shouldn’t Be A Book on Shelve

Created on June 18, 2019

Many of process safety incidents happened in plants operated by major petrochemical and Oil & Gas companies where a very well written and socialized PSM system is existing. The fact that a company has already got a very well written and socialized PSM system, does not mean that there will be no defects in their plants. A system/ procedure/ manual will only be effective when it is available, understood, and implemented.

PSM System is also a system run by HUMAN. Human action or response is determined by his/her “behavior”. Therefore, human behavior is very important to ensure good implementations of Process Safety Management elements. In the context of PSM, human behaviors from the leadership team plays a significant role.  Correct leadership behaviors towards PSM will define behavior of the workforces. Though, the workforce has to do their best to stand still their correct behavior towards PSM regardless how leadership team behaves.

Remember our commitment to maintain and prioritize safety in our operations as stated in our HSE Policy. By that policy, we are all empowered to say “NO” or “STOP” for something that may lead to unsafe situation. Everyone has both the “responsibility” and “authority” to stop any unsafe works and unsafe conditions.

In the management workshop conducted on 18-June-2019, Pak Nofriadi, Pak Nofriadi, the CEO of SAKA Energy Indonesia (SEI), one of Indonesian state-owned company who has consistently demonstrated high level of commitment towards PSM, has emphasized the important of management commitment in ensuring effective implementation of SEI PSM System. It is the management team that has the maximum impact in driving the quality implementation of the PSM system, by creating a right culture and attitude in the organization. SEI CEO Direction to all SEI leadership team is the following: “All leadership team to own the system. They have to emphasize and demonstrate their commitment in PSM. The newly developed PSM Manual should not be a book on its shelve, instead it should be understood and implemented driven by leadership team”.

The workshop is part of PSM Development program in SEI, to get management endorsement on the proposed PSM Frameworks, led and facilitated by LebSolution in collaboration with Pusat Kajian Keselamatan & Kesehatan Kerja Universitas Indonesia (PKTK3-UI). A world class collaboration, by world class institutions, delivering world class services, for world class company. 😎😊.

The full workshop attendance of SEI leadership team from CEO down to his direct reports, has proven SEI leadership commitment in PSM, showing that the CEO expectation is already delivered right at the start. Constructive debate, questions and answers have filled up the workshop session. Enthusiasm in PSM is evident through active participation of all participants, such a way that they are happy to extend the discussion to close to 3 hours while it was planned only for 1 hour.

Following the endorsement of the PSM Frameworks, the PSM Manual will be developed and subjected to detail review and challenge sessions in the following weeks. We will see the positive story about it in the next LebSolution Note of Today.

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