Created on June 18, 2020

Especially in your initial phase of PSM system development and implementation, you will ask or will be asked this question “Out of those numbers of PSM Elements, which ones are more important and prioritized?”

There is NO correct answer, but there is a MORE PROPER answer. All depends on which stage your company is on PSM related aspects. You might not having a formal PSM system yet, but already implementing PSM best practices.

When you’re in doubt on which stage you’re in, the recommended answer to that question is the following:

  1. All PSM elements are equally important. None is more important than others.
  2. If you’re lacking of resources in doing all at once, here is the recommended prioritized elements to get started with, while ensuring other elements are taken care afterwards:
  • Process Safety Culture
  • Process Safety Information
  • Process Safety Risk Management
  • Asset Integrity & Reliability
  • Management of Change

That answer is based on LebSolution experience in leading and facilitating PSM related program in several Major Hazard Facilities and enriched with research by Reese & Taylor published in Hydrocarbon Processing in November 2012.

It is important to note that the above answer does not mean other elements are not important. So, what is the arguments?

Let’s talk, and please share your experience.

Thanks and best regards,

Lukmanul Hakim

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