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Created on July 24, 2015

As a member of the IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers, UK), I have been enjoying some benefits from IChemE for my own self, my communities, and also for my consulting business, LebSolution Indonesia. It has been a useful resources for our continuous professional development program. So, when I was asked whether I could share something for the IChemE communities related with consulting business, I am happily accepting the offer to write something for the IChemE magazine, “tce” stands for “the chemical engineers”.

I offered a topic related to this subject: “What A Client Looks for in a Consultant? – A Perspective from Personal Experience”. The article was written, reviewed, revised, and finally laid out in one of tce supplemental books issued in July 2015 , called “Consultants & Contractors Guide 2015”. The article is titled as “Consulting: A Recipe for Success”.

Through this “Note of Today”, I would like to share it to all you my friends, and hopefully it can be something useful for you as well. See attached picture below.

If you want to see the whole content of the article, you can access the copy by downloading from this link:

What Client Looks For in A Consultant – IChemE Consultants and Contractors Guide July 2015
What Client Looks For in A Consultant – LH Original

My key message in this Note of Today is:
Knowledge is one of the assets which are growing bigger when you share it with other.

Have a nice and enjoyful week-end… be safe… and don’t forget try sharing benefit to others everyday. Best man benefits others.


Lukmanul Hakim

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