Revalidate Our Safety & Committment

Created on March 14, 2015

Tell you what, that one of best lube base oil in the world is produced in one of Lube Base Oil Refinery Plant in Indonesia using a feedstock from Indonesian crude oil in Sumatra: Minas and Duri field. This lube base oil is used for lubrication of engine installed on “Formula-1”, highest speed vehicle on the land. The lube base oil mentioned above is produced in PatraSK lube base oil refinery plant which is owned by South Korean SK Holding (65%) and Pertamina (35%). The plant is located inside the permiter of Pertmina Refinery II complex in Dumai area, Riau Province, Indonesia.

One the good news is that PatraSK is an exemplary success story of a joint venture refinery plant of Pertamina with other multinational company. Another good news is that the management and people working for PatraSK has an excellent commitment to operate the plant in a high standard of safety. Last year PatraSK has initiated a program for conducting a HAZOP Revalidation for the whole plant.

And … the best news that I am going to share is that LebSolution has been challenged, selected, and trusted among several potential consulting firms, to facilitate the first HAZOP Revalidation campaign.

The program comprised of designing and delivering HAZOP refresher training for all relevant people in the plant, and then followed by HAZOP revalidation campaign for the whole plant. The whole plant to be studied is grouped into 3 areas (Vacuum Distillation Unit, Catalytic Dewaxing Unit, and Utility and Offsite Unit). They are represented by 140 nodes in total.

The program was opened, oversighted, and closed by PatraSK Operation Director (Hoontae Sohn), Technical Support Managers (Seo Byeong Cheor/An Jang Won), and Technical Support Superintendent (Pak Sutrisno).

Especially for Pak Sutrisno, thanks for being an inspirational model for me during the HAZOP workshop. With the level of your seniority, we were inspired by your detail explanation about the H2 compressor, H2 recycle system and risk related with that, and how the compressor load-unload system works. Wonderful pak.

Both the training and revalidation campaign has been delivered through 2014 with a high quality delivery, resulting in a high level of satisfaction frm not only the workforce doing the HAZOP but also from the PatraSK management. It is proven by the “EXCELLENT” performance rating given in the final Joint Inspection Sheet.

On behalf of LebSolution management and workforce, I would like to convey our gratitude to all people in PatraSK Organization for their trust and support for LebSolution in delivering this important project. This will be a driving force to motivate us and keep continuously improving our skills and capability. Ahamdulillah.

Great appreciation is given to all PatraSK team supporting this project, whom I can not mention individually. As a gift for all of us… I have shared some memorable pictures in this Note of Today, hopefully can be a good driving force and reminder for us to implement all the recommendations in timely and quality manner.

Key Message:
When we do a “HAZOP Revalidation”… it is not only to revalidate the safety of the plant, but also it is to revalidate our commitment to safety… it is proving our commitment still exists.

See you all friend in another “Note of Today” in the near future.

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Thank and wassalam,
Lukmanul Hakim

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