SAFETY MOMENT Presentation : Jordan’s Aqaba Port

Created on June 9, 2022

In the spirit of knowledge sharing and continuous improvement, Mr Deri Iryawan, Process safety engineer of LebSolution Indonesia, developed a safety moment presentation of the recent Jordan`s Aqaba Port incident.

As per available information, dropped object during lifting activity (pressurized liquid chlorine vessels) may have been the Top Critical event.

Initial incident investigation shows that the slings used only has design of 8.6 ton, while the container weighs 28.9 ton. Ultimately causing the incident on the fifth lift.

Feel free to download and share the PDF attached to initiate safety stand-down meeting and sparks discussion among your team, with hope to avoid similar incident occurring in the future.

Reference : Jordanian Chemical Process Safety Engineers Posts

Updated initial investigation by Jordanian Chemical Process Safety Engineers Posts :

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