Created on June 28, 2014

Following success delivery of the previous PSIM Workshop for Project Team on 20-Feb, the PHE ONWJ have trusted LebSolution to deliver subsequent PSIM roll out programs for wider team within PHE ONWJ organization, with target participants of more than 550 employees and contractors.

It’s a honor for LebSolution to be able to contribute to such an important, strategic, and massive program, in achieving PHE ONWJ ultimate goal: “NO INCIDENT : Save Lives, Environment, Asset, and Reputation”. This is a real proof from the leadership team in delivering safe, reliable, and sustainable operations.

Phase-1 training program has been completed within May through June 2014, with a total of 5 batches covering 134 participants.

The Atmosphere


Like other training sessions delivered by LebSolution, full, active, and enthusiast involvement were shown by the participants, in a relax but serious atmosphere making the session as effective and enjoy-full learning experience. And, at the end of the sessions, most of participants agreed that the session is important and effective in raising their awareness about PSIM and strengthen their commitment in its quality implementation.

One new content in this May-June 2014 training sessions compared to the Feb sessions, is the introduction of a Process Safety Games called “HAZARD-GAME®“ which is a LebSolution proprietary game, aimed to help the players in understanding process safety and its management. This game has been successfully effective in embedding proper understanding of PSIM elements and how it applies in real life. For sure, the classroom is busy and noisy during the game which make the sessions dynamics, encouraging, and attracting all participants to contribute.

The Take Away


Apart from the full understanding of PSIM as described in the training objectives, the participants have taken two new key messages away from this Phase-1 sessions.


First take away message:

In every aspects of life, including learning experience in this PSIM training, one of the success factor is “enthusiasm”. Without “enthusiasm”, we will be lacking of energy to move forward to a better state.

Based on John Ayto’s book “Origin of Words”, the word “enthusiasm” comes from two words: “en” which means “in or inside”, and “theo” which means “god or values of gods”.

Therefore, the real meaing of “enthusiasm” can be “in the values of god” which means doing something based on the good/positive values, such as: personal integrity, honest, trustable, professional, sincere, etc. With these values, I am sure you will be able to gain maximum benefit from this training program enabling us in delivering our PSIM responsibilities.

Second take away message:

The “HAZARD-GAME®“ has given this second take away message. Process Safety and Integrity Management system applied by PHE ONWJ is to enable the organization to manage process and integrity related risks, in a systematic and in-control manner, instead of in a random manner like playing the dices.

Do you want to decide your life, your colleague’s life, your family life, and your community life just by playing the dices? If the answer is “NO”, then PSIM is the way.

In this very good occasion, I would also like to congratulate all of you my friends for entering the holy month of Ramadhan … Ramadhan Kareem … May Allah swt bless all of us, giving his mercy and power to enable us optimizing our “life learning process in this Ramadhan University”, bringing us to a better person who is capable of spreading benefits to others as much as possible. Aamiin.

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Lukmanul Hakim

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