SEI PSM : The Commitment Documented !!!

Created on October 15, 2019

Some motivator often says the following sentences to motivate others in realizing their dream to become someone who is excellent in their field of expertise, “You Read You Forget, You Write You Remember, and You Do You Master”.

Using the same philosophy, most of the world standards and/or best practices in the aspect of Quality Management System requires the organization to “Write” the way they do activities within their organization to deliver their commitment for consistent and reliable quality of product and services. This finally ends up with the requirement to have “system manual or procedures” to ensure consistent process implementation. In short… Make the process in delivering your commitment “documented”!

The same principle applies in Major Hazards Industry’s commitment in ensuring consistent delivery of safety towards people/ community, environment, and asset resulted from the impact of their operation. The world class company within Major Hazards Industry (O&G, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power Plants, etc) are “documenting” their process in ensuring excellent process safety performance by developing their “Process Safety Management” system manual/procedures.

One of the above world class company is SAKA Energy Indonesia (SEI) who has successfully developed their PSM system manual, facilitated by the expert consultant from LebSolution. They are committed to excellent process safety performance, and their commitment has been documented. SEI PSM: The Commitment Documented!

Following the endorsement of the frameworks (18-Jun-2019), the detail review of the manual/procedures (21-Jun-2019), Final Presentation of SEI PSM System Development has been conducted on 15 October 2019 with again full house attendance of the company management system.

Looking at the committed and enthusiast leadership team, enforced by proactive and engaged workforces in the development stage, we are convinced that the implementation of PSM system will be smooth and process safety performance in SEI will be exponentially improved. Aamiin YRA.

Congratulation to SEI management and workforces for having such a great motivation for implementing a quality PSM system. A real proof of SEI vision, mission, value and policies. Now, that they are engaged since the beginning, it is inevitable that they will own and implement the PSM system to the best of their capabilities.


20191015 - LebSolution - SEI PSM Final Press 02

20191015 - LebSolution - SEI PSM Final Press 03

20191015 - LebSolution - SEI PSM Final Press 04

20191015 - LebSolution - SEI PSM Final Press 05

20191015 - LebSolution - SEI PSM Final Press 06

20191015 - LebSolution - SEI PSM Final Press 07

20191015 - LebSolution - SEI PSM Final Press 08

20191015 - LebSolution - SEI PSM Final Press 09


20191015 - LebSolution - SEI PSM Final Press 10


This NOT is continuation of the previous two post on 18-Jun-2019 and 21-Jun-2019.

See you in the next NOT for the next subjects.


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