Created on August 21, 2014

After 2 years and 9 months operation of LebSolution, we’re now self-sufficient in facilitating HAZID and HAZOP study services to the petrochemical and oil & gas industries. All consultant team, both facilitator and scribe are LebSolution full time consultants.

This is another small steps forward, Alhamdulillah, toward achieving our vision to become an acknowledged and selected Indonesian national consulting companies. Aamiin.

It was well proven in the HAZID and HAZOP study workshop of ConocoPhillips Rawa Produced Water Disposal Pipeline Project, 20-21 August 2014, where LebSolution has been selected by ConocoPhillips and PT. Singgar Mulia to facilitate the study. Both companies have given a very positive feedback for LebSolution.

The workshop was opened by Pak Khairul (Singgar Mulia) and Pak Rifnanto (ConocoPhillips), attended by about 20 persons in total, in Menara 165 building, Jakarta.

Talking about the workshop location, after 8 years moving around on TB Simatupang road, it was the first time for me visiting the “Menara 165” building which is a unique one, owned by ESQ. The word “Allah” is written at the top roof of it, where all people passing by the building from the toll road will see and read it.

Hopefully, whoever reading that word, will be reminded about His advices for human being to keep “remembering Him” and “Think and Act positively” when doing all activities, including conducting a good quality HAZID/HAZOP Study and its subsequent quality implementation of its recommendations.

Thanks to both COPI and PTSM management for the trust and opportunity given to LebSolution.

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Lukmanul Hakim

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