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Created on January 7, 2015

From petrochemicals to Oil&Gas surface upstream production and gas processing/liquifaction, to crude oil refinery, and to lube base oil refinery, now LebSolution has entered also the “Upstream” part of Oil&Gas upstream activities, which is “Oil/Gas Drilling Operations”.

In December 2014, LebSolution has been selected and trusted by TATELY Indonesia to facilitate the “HAZID Study” of TATELY Budi Phase-2 Drilling Campaign, comprising of mobilizations, well drilling/completion operations, and demobilization. The campaign covers drilling of 7 production well and 1 exploration well, all in Budi and Liwung field area in Jambi / South Sumatra.

The HAZID workshop was done on 12-Dec-2014, in Aryaduta Semanggi Hotel, Jakarta. It was opened by Pak Dino Rinaldi, and closed by Pak Amry Zainuddin from Tately. The event itself was very well and professionally managed by Pak Togap Sinaga and team from Tately.

The workshop was attended by all stakeholders of the drilling campaign, consisted of representatives from TATELY Indonesia as the client company, up to representatives from service companies (around 19 companies), such as ABS, Pertamina, Baker Huges, Schlumberger, Weatherford, Smith Tool, Cougar, etc. Total participants of the workshop was 49 persons.

All participants have contributed positively in the discussion. The session has run efficiently and effectively. Though it ended late in the day (around 5.30pm).

It is a prove of one of principles in hazard analysis or risk assessment process, that to have a good analysis/assessment, the study has to be attended by parties with at least having the two mandatory expertise: 1) One who has expertise in the process/activities being assessed. In this case, reps from TATELY and service companies, and 2) another one who has knowledge, skill, and capability in facilitating the assessment methodology. In this case, reps from LebSolution. It was a perfect combination resulting a very good HAZID study results.

A very big thanks to TATELY Indonesia and the service companies who given chance to LebSolution to prove our capability and to contribute to your important program. Looking forward to another exciting opportunity from all of you.

Key message for all of us :

“Sky is the limit” as long as we have the strong positive intention, open minded, ready to work hard and smart, and ready to deliver as maximum benefit as possible to others that need our contribution. The idiom “Sky is the limit” also remind us that after all what we have done (pray, work, be patient and persistent, and pray again), it is the God that decide what is best for us.

See you all friend in another “Note of Today” in the near future.

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