Created on January 4, 2015

Pertamina Refinery Unit II, Dumai, is now executing Open Access Phase-1 project (OA-1). The OA-1 project is to increase RU-II Refinery’s capability and flexibility in receiving and processing crude from outside Dumai with possible high salt content (crude imported by sea vessel). The project is executed by Krakatau Engineering.

Krakatau Engineering and Pertamina RU-II have finally selected LebSolution to facilitate the HAZOP study for the above OA-1 project, among several other potential facilitators. The HAZOP Study has been conducted in October 2014, ended with a very positive feedback from both KE and Pertamina.

This project marked the milestone for LebSolution in entering Oil Refinery businesses. So, we are now not only in Upstream Oil&Gas businesses, but also in the downstream part of it.

Though it may not be significant in the national scale, but this project has laid down the path for LebSolution vision to contribute to national independence in enhancing industry performance, by being “Acknowledged and selected by industry, capable in delivering added values to stakeholders”. In this case, it is about the safety performance of national Oil&Gas flag carrier company.

Thanks for the KE and Pertamina team for the trust, opportunity, and positive feedback, given to LebSolution in delivering this HAZOP study project. Wish you all the best in safely starting up the OA-1 facilities. And for sure, hope we can work together again in the next phases of the project.

Best wishes for all friends in this windy and cloudy, but motivating day.

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Thank and wassalam,
Lukmanul Hakim


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