Process Safety is Not Only About Hazardous Materials, But Also About Hazardous Energy

Created on August 17, 2022

When Indonesians were celebrating its 64th Independence Day on 17-Aug-2009 (today 13 years ago), many Rusians were mourning for the 75 fatally injured victim of turbine explosion in the RusHydro Sayano Hydroelectric Power Pant, located in Sayanogorsk, Rusia. It was the largest Hydroelectric Power Station in Rusia, and 6th largest in the world.

The turbine explosion resulting in Leak/Rupture leading to Massive Uncontrolled Released of Water to Machine Hall and/or External Environment (Turbine Cover Shot-Up, 1000 ton Rotor shot-out, massive water spouted out from turbine cavity). It resulted in 75 killed; 9 Turbines Damaged, Blackout, Enviro Pollution.

Some learning point from the incidents are on the following aspects:
* PRODUCTION FOCUS – Keep Safety Focus aside.
* FAILED MITIGATION – Late Opening of Steel Gate
* LATE START OF EDG – Late Removal of Water Flood
* NO LEARNING – Incident Investigation Report kept secret.

One important message that we want to emphasize from this safety moment is the fact that “Process Safety is not only about dealing with Hazardous Materials (toxic, flammable, explosive, etc), but also about dealing with Hazardous Energy (high T, high P, high Potential/Mechanical/Electrical Energy, High Vibration, etc)”.

In this RysHydro Sayano turbine explosion incident, the material is just “Water”, though its volume and energy was able to kill 75 persons and to significantly damage the environment, when the safety of its processing system is ignored.

More detail information and visualization of the incident can be seen in the attached LebSolution Safety Moment slide. Feel free to use it in your safety moment program. Hope it is useful.

Reference: WIKIPEDIA, downloaded on 15-Oct-2019.

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